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Pedram Ariel Rostami. Ph.D

Founder and Executive Chairman of P.D.R VC Group.

The "four pillars" of our foundation is what makes us who we are, and it is indeed what makes us strong, innovative, loyal and most importantly a fun team.

Pedram Ariel Rostami


Being honest and having strong moral principles is built in our culture


Everyone who works here and even our clients have an unquestionable visibility of what is happing at P.D.R VC


For us the accountability starts with words: "I" and "WE"


We foster creativity and champion innovative and unorthodox thinking

A message from our founder

We started P.D.R. V.C. with a mission to advance and implement Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology in ways never thought to be possible. Today the use of A.I. is everywhere, from our phones and tablets to factory production lines and on-line services. Still, we genuinely believe in and have made it our mission to take A.I. into a next level that is capable of changing lives and assist people in most profound ways.

To achieve such ambitious goal, after years of research and development, we have created an Eco-system of groundbreaking algorithms working in harmony to process, analyze and classify polarity of input text and produce contextual data in natural human language.

The most exciting aspect of our technology is the contextual data analysis and creation of data in split seconds. This approach grants us a fantastic opportunity to implement and build products capable of human interactions only seen in science fiction movies.

Such technology is indeed satisfying the above-mentioned goal under the premise that it empowers the A.I. to precisely understand and establish natural human language conversations, that never thought was possible.

We look forward to advancing our Eco-system and building products with real-life impacts and help other businesses to achieve the same by utilizing our technology.

Pedram Ariel Rostami
Founder and Executive Chairman

Lets make the impossible, possible. lets make dreams into our everyday realities.