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Success made easy

Pedram Ariel Rostami, CEO

Aug. 31, 2020, 5:13 a.m.

If you are a busy individual and find yourself spending more time scheduling and managing your day rather than focusing on the tasks and accomplishing them, you are not alone. I sometimes wished to get on with the day instead of managing and prioritizing my daily life.


Although there are few productivity tools in the market, mainly focused on accomplishing specific tasks, I always felt a need and wished for, an all in one platform that does it all and does it well. Most importantly, a software that is easy to navigate and stick with, that removes unnecessary steps instead of adding them, and quite frankly, a software that I won't need to read ten pages or take a class to learn to use it properly.


But that is until we created C9Companion at the P.D.R. V.C. group. An Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) personal assistant and a daily planner that pretty much combines all the main apps I used to have on my phone into one managed by a funny robot called C9.

The premise behind C9Companion from the beginning was to increase efficiency and productivity by leveraging A.I. It was a tool we made for our internal use and later offered customized versions for our clients who needed AI-enabled resource management systems.


Capitalizing on its success both internally and with our clients, we decided to roll C9 out as a standalone productivity software for the public.

Currently, C9compaion has four primary functions, Event scheduling, Note-taking, Calorie Intake tracking, and Nutrient info, and Chat with C9 A.I. algorithm. All functions are managed and maintained by C9, so we do not need to type, fill forms, or select anything. Just tell C9 what you need, and it is all done. Simple, straight forward, and dependable.


The beauty of the C9 ecosystem is its flexibility and expansiveness. We can tailor its functions for what makes the most sense to us and our daily line of work. For example, the note-taking function can be used to make to-does lists, grocery lists, daily health and fitness tracker, or simply just to take notes so we wont forget them. The same goes for the calorie intake tracker and event scheduler. One can use them for scheduling work-related meetings or use them as personal reminders or both for that matter.


Our development and design team's primary focus has always been on reducing steps and simplifying the processes to the point that we only need one click or just one user action to perform any complex task. C9 is an excellent showcase of such innovative thinking and successful execution of concepts.


We are excited about the lunch of C9 and seeing years of research and development in artificial intelligence and human-computer-interaction in action at P.D.R. V.C. The public offering of such technology is yet another testament to our core principle of improving people's lives through technology and A.I., and we are looking forward to its successful growth and implementation in other business areas. 

Lets make the impossible, possible. lets make dreams into our everyday realities.